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    Rancho Ebenezer

    Rancho Ebenezer is the organization we partnered with when beginning our mission work in Nicaragua. It was started by a group of Nicaraguan pastors and other concerned individuals to develop a program that trains people to become good stewards of the land and resources God has given us. Family members are trained in methods of farming they can use on small land holdings to feed their families and make a small salary. Other trainees come from several sources throughout Central and South America. Communities and organizations in Nicaragua that know of its work often contact them for training of individuals to become future trainers.


    After hurricane Mitch (1998), retired veterinarian Dr. Larry Clark came on a mission trip to Nicaragua, meeting Francisco Juarez, director of Rancho. They developed a training program for lay veterinarians to serve their remote communities in animal health.  As these “Veterinarios Publicos” (VHPs) went back to their villages, they were being called on by their neighbors to work on their animals and also their children and themselves. This prompted human health care to be incorporated into the training program. Each VHP covers approximately 180 households. We currently mentor and work with seven VHPs who account for working on over 11,000 animals and 3,000 people in their communities.