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    Mahanaim Centro de Rehabilitacion

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    Mahanaim Rehabilitation Center, located deep in the mountains of Nicaragua, was built to serve and rehabilitate about 200 people addicted to alcohol and drugs. At present there is no government facility or support for intensive programs so all expenses are dependent upon donations. Many of the officials at the center themselves went through the program and want to give back to help others. Rehabilitation is similar to Alcoholics Anonymous but also includes strong faith based activities and worship. Provisions are basic but certainly better than sleeping on streets and searching through garbage for every meal. Each person has their own inside bunk bed, receives three nutritious meals daily, and participates in chores.


    When we were introduced to the center after our move to Nicaragua we knew immediately that we wanted to be involved in some way. Watching one worship meeting and seeing the faces of the program participants brought tears to our eyes and a call into our hearts. Through prayer and repeated visits God showed us ways to merge our current work with the needs of the facility. At this time, Rick is serving on the Board of Directors to help with decision making and long term planning. He is also directing an agricultural program using the center’s land to produce corn, beans, fruits and vegetables to help meet dietary needs.  Forages are grown to feed the sheep and chickens raised there.  While the nutritional needs are being addressed, Mary works to help see that medical needs are also addressed. With the scarcity of funds, medical care and medicines are often a luxury that can’t be afforded except in emergency situations. A strong need exists for dentists and physicians to come in small teams to voluntarily provide their services.